1) Is there a minimum yardage requirement?

Yes. There is a minimum yardage requirement of 1 yard.

2) Is there a lead time, if so how long?

Yes. Because this is a custom product, you can expect that there will be a lead time of up to 14 business days to produce strike-offs, and an additional 14 to  21 business days to produce printed yardage, once strike-offs are approved. There will be an additional lead time on the fabricated goods of up to 28 business days, which equates to a total lead time of 6 to 10 weeks, once your order is placed for goods. These are estimations, goods may be printed, fabricated and shipped sooner or later than stated.

3) Is there a price break for orders containing high amounts of yardage?

Yes. Orders over 50 yards may be printed using a different method, for a lower cost per yard, pricing will fluctuate depending on the amount printed. Please contact us for a custom quote and lead time.

4) How are your fabrics printed?

Our Coastal and Terra Collections are printed digitally on our indoor, natural ground fabrics in a single color process, using an alginate dye, and printed on a per order basis.  Our Outdoor Collection, printed on our 100% Acrylic Twill, is hand screen printed.

5) What can I use the fabric for?

Our linens, linen cotton blends and burlap are wonderful fabrics for just about any application. They are great for soft goods and upholstery for the home. We recommend backing for use on upholstery on all fabrics that are offered through Bolt House Textiles. They are not; however, designed for any outdoor application. Our new Outdoor Acrylic Twill is perfect for any application, indoors or outdoors, including upholstery, window treatments, pillow covers and cushions.

5) Do your fabrics come with a stain guard?

No, our fabrics are not sprayed with any chemicals, they are all natural. If you would like to have your fabric treated with a stain guard, we can have this done for an up-charge listed on the site as an option before you check out.

6) Is the Printed Outdoor Acrylic Twill naturally stain and mildew resistant? How is it best treated, if soiled?

Hand screen prints on the 100% solution dyed acrylic twill are naturally soil and stain resistant.  Acrylic does not support mildew growth; however, mildew may grow on dirt and residue that has not been removed from the fabric.  Stains can usually be removed with a mild soap -and-water solution.  Sponge briskly and rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove dirt.  Do not use bleach on printed acrylic fabrics, as it will fad the printed pattern.  To prolong the life of the fabric, remove outdoor pillows from direct sunlight and other elements when not in use.  Turn pillows regularly for more even wear and exposure to the sun.  The acrylic base of the print is fade-resistant and should last for several years without significant fading.  The printed pattern that is applied to the base cloth with special dyes for outdoor use is also fade resistant, but needs protection from the sun and elements in order to keep its vibrancy.

7) Can I apply more than one color to the patterns?

No. We feel that these patterns are better suited for one color application.

8) Can I use a color other than the colors shown?

Yes, We will happily match a color for you, and can use customers own fabric swatches, paint swatches, etc. to be matched at the textile printing facility. Please contact us for a custom quote.

9) Can I order a size for a pillow or lighting fixture other than what is offered through Bolt House Textiles standard sizes?

If you have a special size that you would like to have created that we do not offer as a standard size, then please e-mail us at and we will send you a quote for your special request.

10) Will I receive a fabric swatch before my fabric is printed?

Yes, you will receive a strike-off for your approval before the fabric is printed via mail, should you select that option and purchase a strike-off prior to checking out. Once you receive the strike-off and you approve it, your order will be printed and shipped. Simply go to the strike-off  approval link at the top of the page. If you do not approve the swatch, the order will not proceed and there will be no additional charge to you. Once the strike – off is approved, your credit card will be charged for the products that you order.  We do not offer a strike-off program for our Outdoor Collection; however, we do offer memo samples by request.  Please e-mail us at

11) What if I cannot decide on a pattern and color and want multiple samples?

We want you to love your fabric and be certain it is what you want, and it is common to want to see different examples of color or fabric variations per pattern. Strike-offs are $10 on a per order basis, and there is no limit.

If you are uncertain of the fabric you want to print on, e-mail or call us and we can send you a small sample of the ground fabrics before you start the strike-off order process

12) What if I choose to place my order without ordering a strike-off?

We do allow for you to bypass ordering a strike-off, should you wish. However, we strongly recommend ordering a strike-off, as we are unable to accept cancellations or returns, once product is ordered, due to the custom nature of the process.

13) What if I approve the wrong strike-off?

We encourage you to pay close attention to the number combination for the order and strike-off number that you are given on the back of your strike-off and be sure that when you enter it in on the strike-off approval link, the image on the screen and number combination that you see matches the actual strike-off that you wish to approve. Should you approve the wrong strike-off, and we produce goods, we cannot be held responsible for this error, and will not be able to accept returns or refunds on the products made.

14) How do I know how many yards to order?

The amount of yardage needed will automatically be calculated for the Products that have been ordered. If you are ordering fabric by the yard from Bolt House Textiles, you will need to call your workroom for a yardage estimation.

15) What if I want to order multiple fabric designs and multiple goods?

We are thrilled when this question arises, we love that you love our product! Each fabric design is an individual order, which will have it’s own strike-off for approval (if this option is selected) along with the goods that will be fabricated from that particular fabric. You will need to create a new  fabric design, and create new goods for all products that you are interested in ordering in different designs, as well as ordering a strike-off  for approval (if this option is selected).  You can add as many different fabric designs and products as you would like to your cart, and order all the products at the same time.

16) Do you accept returns?

Bolt House Textiles is a custom manufacturer. Once you approve your strike-off and place your order, and your fabric is printed, No, we cannot accept ANY returns. We go to great lengths to be certain you are happy with your product by providing the option to purchase strike-offs prior to printing. Our textile printing facility inspects each order for fabric or printing flaws prior to shipping. Once goods are produced from the fabric you have ordered, we cannot accept returns on these goods unless they are received damaged. In that case, you will need to contact us by e-mail,, or phone, (866)708-9568, within 48 hours and describe and photograph the damage, and if approved for return, we will forward a return label. We will refund your order, or reprint and re-produce the goods at no charge. Shipping charges on the replacement products will be the responsibility of the customer.

17) What if I receive something damaged?

If you receive damaged goods, whether it be fabric by the yard, or other goods, you will need to notify us immediately. If possible, it is best to inspect all goods while the shipper is still present, so they can make a claim on site. You would still need to notify Bolt House Textiles of the damage so we could either replace the goods, or refund your account, if applicable. We must be notified within 48 hours from receipt so Bolt House Textiles can make the appropriate claim in order for us to refund or reprint fabric in a timely fashion. If goods are received damaged, and the customer opts to have the goods remade, we will do our very best to expedite this for you, but please remember that anything custom takes time to create, and we will be as disappointed as you if these very special items are received damaged, but hope you will understand.

18) Are your Lighting Fixtures and Lamp Shades suitable for Outdoor applications?

No, our Lighting Fixtures and Lamp Shades are not designed to be used in damp locations and are for indoor use only.

19) What size and wattage light bulbs are recommended for the light fixtures?

We have compiled a list by fixture type of light bulbs we recommend for use in the fixtures that we offer through Bolt House Textiles.  These are only suggestions, follow the base (standard or candelabra) and wattage recommendations for safety.  Style is individual! DOWNLOAD RECOMMENDED LIGHT BULB INFO.

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