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The instructions below help guide our visitors through the process of creating custom fabric and goods.

STEP 1: Choosing your fabric.

Choose a ground fabric from the fabric menu and select. To see the fabric descriptions, point the arrow on the fabric, and the description will show below. Once selected, you will see the fabric come up on the screen.

STEP 2: Choosing your pattern.

Choose a pattern you are interested in using from the patterns menu and select. Note that some patterns have a large and small version, and the large version will be more limiting on application as it has a much larger repeat. Pay close attention to the size and scale that will be shown on the screen under the pattern name. Once selected you will see the pattern overlay on the fabric already up on your screen.

NOTE: The fabric patterns on this site are the property of Bolt House Textiles and are submitted to you in confidence for the sole purpose of soliciting your orders in consideration of which you agree not to copy the fabric patterns or cause it to be copied directly or indirectly.

STEP 3: Choosing a color.

Choose a color from the colors menu. Colors are grouped by primary color family. Select the color and you will see the pattern change to the color selected.

STEP 4: Finishing your order.

If you are happy with the combination selected, click on “ADD STRIKE-OFF TO CART”. This fabric is now in our system as a strike-off order, and in your cart for check out. Your strike-off will be produced in 10 to 14 business days. Strike-offs are offered to our customers on a $10 per strike-off basis. You also have the option of adding your completed pattern to the cart without a strike-off; however, we strongly recommend ordering a strike-off, as once your order is sent, there are no cancellations and no returns, due to the custom nature of the product.

To add an additional strike-off to your order for a different pattern combination, you will need to go through the “create” process again, steps 1 through 4. If you choose to order strike-off’s, you must approve the strike-off before generating an order for cut yardage or products from Bolt House Textiles.


STEP 5: Ordering Product

Once a pattern or strike-off is in your cart, then you can go directly to the Products page, where you will be able to order yardage of the pattern that you have created, or, create pillows, lamp shades and lighting.  (1) If you have opted for a strike-off, then Bolt House Textiles will send that to you within 10 to 14 business days, and once approved, you will verify your order for products created and check out at that time. (2) or, if you have added your pattern directly to your cart, you can check out once you have completed your designs for product and we will process your order right away.


Bolt House Textiles has a selection of products that we can fabricate from the custom yardage that you have designed. There are various sizes available in each category of goods, to give you the most flexibility in styles that we feel are industry standards, and beyond.

  • To create your products, select “Products” on the “Create” page, select either Bolts of Fabric (fabric by the yard), Pillows or Lighting.  Select the size and style of the product you creating, and then add the finishing details. You can select “Back to Product Menu” to start over at any time. When you have completed your product design, the system will automatically calculate how much yardage you will need to order for that specific product, and you will just need to add your order to your shopping cart.  If you are designing multiple products from the same pattern design, the fabric needed to produce your order in its entirety will be printed at the same time, for dye lot consistency.
  • If you have a special size that you would like to have created that we do not offer as a standard size, then please e-mail us at and we will send you a quote for your special request.
  • If you would like to order additional yardage in addition to what is required for producing your products, select the order additional yardage box on the same page, and scroll down to the amount of additional yardage you would like to order. That  yardage will also print at the same time to keep dye lots consistent.

We sincerely hope you will fill your home with our cheerful products, but each product you design is handmade in the USA, and takes a little TLC, which adds a little time.  Please note that there will be additional lead times to produce the products, The printed yardage will ship to you directly, or to the workroom where products are made, within 14 to 21  days, and they will begin creating your products right away. The average lead time for pillows and lighting is 6 to 10 weeks from placing your order.

STEP 6: Receiving your strike-off.

There will be a link to this page on the physical card you will receive in the mail, and you can access the link by going to our site and clicking on the “strike-off approval” tab at the top of the page. Approve the strike-off combination you intend to order, assuming you have accepted the printed fabric, as shown.  Be certain to select the appropriate strike-off combination, in the event that you have ordered multiples, so we do not mistakenly print the wrong fabric.  Should this occur, Bolt House Textiles will not be responsible for the error. You will then need to review the order that you placed for goods when you designed your fabric, and checkout. Please be sure to approve your strike off within 30 days, if not, the strike-off will no longer be considered active, and a new strike off will have to be ordered.  SHOULD YOU NEGLECT TO APPROVE YOUR STRIKE-OFF, YOUR ODER WILL NOT BE GENERATED.  You can expect to receive the printed yardage in 14 to 21 working days from time of strike-off approval, and the workrooms fabricating lighting or pillows ordered will receive your fabric and begin creating your products.

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